Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

Witch Brew

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-magical tweezers that floated around tweezing stray hairs for me
-lipstick never smudges
-you can bet I would have magical, intricate braids
-if you catcall, you can bet even scarier men are gonna catcall you ALL DAY
-hot drinks would be drank out of chalice with that kind of creepy smoke billowing out of it
-All the things I want would be on Netflix, you better believe it
-snap and change outfits, DUH
-I would also have a talking cat named Salem
-baked ziti would be crispy everywhere
-for the bajillionth time, tights that don’t rip
-invisible while walking home
-Red. Velvet. Cloak.
-I would do nice spells on people and also turn men into toads only SOMETIMES
-My Subway Would Be A Broomstick
-would also turn all my friends into witches
-when I walk leaves would fly around me
-all would fear and love me
The Frenemy.: If I Were A Witch: 

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